Vukovar Summer Vibes' first big baby steps

Our 12 European Solidarity Corps (ESC) volunteers from 7 different countries (Croatia, France, Georgia, Greece, Moldova, Poland and Spain) are here to make summer in Vukovar unforgettable, and to have a life-changing experience themselves! During the next few weeks children and young people in and around Vukovar should expect arts and crafts, design and technology, music and sports, and much more! And the hard work started this Monday with some child protection training, and even some basic Croatian lessons. They also got to know each other better and build some trust through some team-building exercises. Communication was indeed key in the planning of the many activities our ESC volunteers will be holding in town and on the island in July and August. But the volunteers have also already been out on the field playing games and building relationships with members of the local community. The highlight of the week so far has been, without a shadow of a doubt, the great work these 12 young people did by helping the town council clear up a piece of land, but this might soon change, as the first of the five international evenings is about to happen tonight - this is one not to be missed out if you want to get a taste of Croatian language and culture, customs and traditions. Preparation is also underway for the next one of these nights, the Polish one - one to look forward to, too! Fun is guaranteed.



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