This week, in Vukovar, seemed to start just like any other, but not for us, volunteers of YPGD! Our week started with social activities and workshops! These include: Education workshops, Arts and crafts and so much more!

Volunteers from Georgia and Croatia hosted an Art and Crafts workshop in which children could have fun exploring new techniques of art, painting and socialising with other children as well as meeting new people and communicating with us in English.  Lets not forget about the education workshops, where our volunteers from Spain taught the children how to speak Spanish,whist dancing and cheering for the young enthusiasts, creating a positive and uplifting atmosphere.

As a part of other Education workshops was the music workshops, hosted by volunteers from Italy and Croatia. Children got a chance to learn how to play drums, sing and have fun in a friendly environment. 
On friday we had an intercultural evening, dedicated entirely to Poland. Three of our volunteers from Poland, shared with us traditions, music and food made by them with everyone who came, as well as teaching us some useful phrases in their language.

This was not an easy week for us volunteers, but we succeed to meet our goals and gather children and youth to join us in these adventures, where we shared our happiness, knowledge, creativity and there’s still so much more to give. 

Join us on our fun train, where we can make memories together, that will last a lifetime.



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