Last week our volunteers started with a new ground, Ada island! It wasn’t as easy as the harsh sun was a great challenge for the volunteers, but they went through the week and did a great job!

Their goal was to share the real summer vibes with everyone who wanted to join. Activities such as spanish workshops that contained traditional spanish games, workshops where you can make your own clothes out of cardboard, such as masks, crowns armors, swords and much more, was a great entertainment for the children on the island. Sport activities took place as well, playing football, volleyball and many other team bonding games.

On friday, 26th of July, our volunteers organized a karaoke night, where everyone joined us in a singing competition for the king and queen of karaoke at YGPD! Everyone was enjoying and singing their hearts out. 

But let’s not forget about the main event that took place the entire week. That was the IT Camp for Children and Youth, where children learned about game developing as well as making their own mini games. At the end of which they got their own diploma for participation.

In conclusion, we could say our volunteers had a productive and interactive week, but there’s much more to come, so do not hesitate to join us in our journey :)!!!



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