For anyone else it was an average month of summer, but not for our dear volunteers. This weekend marked itself in their calendar as the first month they have spent in Vukovar as volunteers. Half way into the two month project at the YPGD!

During this month they became more than people who volunteer together, they became family. Nothing makes us happier than seeing different countries, traditions, people choices coming along.

But it wasn’t only for the time they spent here at the YPGD, it was also about plenty workshops that are taking this week, such as: Music workshop which included playing musical instruments and singing in a chorus, Spanish language workshop, Art and crafts (Mixed art techniques) workshop.

And lets not forget about our dear Ada island, where volunteers were doing body painting, sport activities, such as playing football, volleyball, frisbee, and much more. It was our pleasure to witness happy reactions from parents and everyone around who wanted to join us in our Ada activities.

To round up this article, we would like to say that this amazing month wouldn’t pass by without the great team of YPGD, starting from coordinators and volunteers and finishing with everyone who took part in our creative, educative and sport activities.

See you at YPGD!



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