Last week left us rather quickly, and it was as well, full of activities that got our volunteers moving, from sport activities at Ada island to workshops at our Youth Club, where we had chorus workshops, that will continue this week too, Arts and Crafts workshops, and so much more. Lets not forget that everyone at YPGD started preparing a lot of activities for the Youth Days that will take place for two days.

On last Friday, 02.08.19 a heart warming event took place, it was Spain and France intercultural evening. Our four volunteers from Spain and France prepared us a presentation about their home lands, culture, traditions, music, and food that they made by themselves that is traditionally served in their country. Everyone who came enjoyed the food, drinks, songs and company of our volunteers that shared with us more than  a piece of their countries, but also the vibes of firing hot, energetic, passionate Spain, and peaceful, equal to everyone and open minded France.
The fact that we already made it halfway through the project, and bounded with so many people from different countries, and with the local youth as well, made everyones' experience unbelievable. We hope for these connections will last a lifetime, more than just a memory or a project. 

Join us on our Vukovar Summer Vibes adventure, lets experience these memories together!



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