Last week marked itself in the history of YPGD as the Youth day week! From organisation and preparation to the Youth Day itself. It wasn't easy but our volunteers did a great job following the schedule, achieving all the planned goals, and so much more.

The Youth Day took part in 2 days. The first day was a welcoming one, where our volunteers from France, organized a Debate, related to Croatia as a part of European Union, with the goal to inform youth about the opportunities, jobs, social,and education matters. Within the second day, volunteers arranged activity spots, that included a spot with robotics, painting spot, bubble spot, photo booth and so much more. But these spots weren’t just simple activities, every spot was a part of our dear volunteers’ challenge which required everyone who desired to join to pass quizzes, do origami, pronouncing tongue twisters, guess what is missing, and other amazing activities that wouldn’t let anyone left out. 

At the end of the challenge, everyone who completed all the tasks were competing for prizes! 

Lets not forget about the flashmob that our volunteers performed, that set the mood for the entire evening to come. As well as the drum circle that made everyone move in the rhythm of bango drums, cajón, triangle, maracas and so much more.

But Youth Day wasn’t only about the challenges, it was about the importance and the opportunities that European Union creates for the youth, it was about meeting people from different environments, countries and cultures.



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