From 16.08.-19-08.2019. Youth Peace Group Danube had the honor to host movie workshop held by croatian movie director Zvonimir Rumoldt.

These activities are withing the Vukovar camp as part of the "Danube diversity" project by AWP- association for wildlife protection from Germany. 

Youth participants from Belgrade association "Super zeleno" and participants from Vukovar has been brainstorming for the idea of the theme for their documentary. Historian Zdenko Samardžija has been talking about interesting history and facts of the most famous Vukovar river island and they have been using the island for film making. They all had a great time, and we beleive that they have learned a lot, and as hosts we are very grateful for taking part on this project.

On the 20th of August they are continuing with the camp in Belgrade where the new adventures are waiting for them. Premiere of the movie we are excpecting very soon. Stay tuned! laughing



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