This week we came back rested and full of energy. We came with clear heads and new ideas. We started our week with preparing area for workshops and learning Croatian language! This week we were in the YPGD and at the Vukovarska Ada island and guess what happened there...  cool

On Monday in the evening our volunteer from Georgia Sopo told us interesting information’s about Georgian literature. We had a chance to learn basics of Georgian alphabet and discuss about story of the novel. During the week we had creative Art and Craft workshops papier mache and making aquarium. During educational workshop we thought how to sing and even we recorded song! On Spanish lesson we wrote letters to people from the future and hid it :) but no one know where! We hope that one day you'll find our time capsule and read what we had to say that time :) And on one of the Educational workshops we made Lego video from pictures! On Wednesday we learned how to dance Rocabilly! Step by step and after a few minutes we were almost experts!

On Ada island we participated in meditation classes which helped us with calming down and trying to find golden solution how to handle stress. And many others activities like volleyball, football, frisbee :) 

To end this week we will have today evening intercultural night about Greece, Moldova and Georgia! Find out about traditions, music and local food which will be prepared by our volunteers. 

Everyone can find something for themselves, if you are into sinning come to us! If you are more into dancing, video filming, arts and crafts, learning about cultures, meeting people from different places in the world, languages, recording songs, editing videos, playing games or just making bubbles you should definitely join us during our activities! 

Follow us and see what will be in the next week :) 



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