Technology is the dominant term of our era, for kids one way to utilize techology is by coding special programmes to control robots and even more leading to artificial intelligence applications.



It is a simple way to learn robots coding in simple and easy way. Following the systematic and logical thinking of coding, our MBot was following the line.




it is a technique that uses the scattered light ove an object to create 3-D image.

Building a hologram using simple tools and by the help of on hand smart phone We created different shapes.


 Computer games

Of course it is not a tech camp without Computer games, specialy League of Legends.

Not to forget Children's favourite Roblox. But games would not be possible without the knowledge of basic computer hardware setup. Some of us were able to name all of the components and some of us learned that way.


All in all

Technology is essential part of our present and a big challange of our future. Acquiring that knowledge will lead us to bright future.



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