Another fun Saturday in YPGD! Workshop, presentation and jam session, check it out!

Saturday, 23th of October, we where enjoying a lot. A lot of children came to YPGD to practice
some old techniques to do paints with an specific type of paint, with light and also photografs already
printed. That was really interesting because everyone of us were learning some interesting things about
art. The technique is called "cienotipy".


After that, the 3 new volunteers were doing a presentation about their countries (France and Spain),
explaining us the most typical meals and also the important places or buildings they have in their citys.
The main topic was "time to move", so they were explaining to the children their experiences
traveling or doing for example, an ERASMUS. 



After the hard work and learning new things we enjoyed the music at jam session from the local musicians. It was an awesome day!











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