It was a big project for Léa to started in December in YPGD. Volunteers organised Christmas workshops in Borovo.
The goal was to make a beautiful Christmas for everyone; decorations, christmas gifts and christmas cookies
made by little ones for elderly people.

The first step, was making Christmas tree decorations. That’s why, volunteers painted little reindeers,
Santa Claus, Christmas trees,...
Then elderly people sold those decorations to raise found for the active retirement association !!
Volunteers enjoyed so much this activity.


The spirit of Christmas is already in YPGD, because these gifts are for eldery people. Volunteers hope
that eldery people will be happy with these gifts and they will have a very merry Christmas.


But what is Christmas without Christmas cookies! Tuesday 14th of December was cookies decorations day for children. Volunteers
had backed a lot of little gingerbread man, christmas trees, angels and others for the event.
We had sugar glaze in every colors and also chocolate dip and eatable sprikle for decoration. On the other
hand we were also doing some christmas cards.

Children loved to eat the little cookies more than todecarate them, and the sugar glaze became a sugar dip bowl! We had a lot of fun celebrating the arrival of
Christmas festivities.



- Gingerbread cookies

Wisk 125g of soften butter with 90g of brown sugar until it became creamy.
Then add one egg your gingerbread spices mix 2 little spoon and 50g of honey.
Finaly you can add 300g of flour, one little spoon of baking soda and one pinch of salt.
Let it rest over night
Use christmas shape cutter, put it in a baking sheet and 10 minutes at 180° in the oven.

- Christmas shortbread

Cut your room temperature butter in little pieces 250g and add your white sugar 200g until smooth.
When the mix is white you can then add 400g of flour and 150g of almond powder.
Finaly you can add 2 eggs and vanila extract.
Let it rest for one hour, then use christmas shape cutter, pu in a baking sheet and in the oven at 180° for
12 to 14 minutes.
- Sugar glaze
For 300g iced sugar alf of the juice of a lemon and 1 egg white, wisk until it became a white paste.





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