Philosophy and poetry night in Borovo !!

Last Saturday, YPGD organized a philosophy and poetry night for young people. 


Firstable, a philosophy teacher was introducing the Stoicism notion. Stoicism promotes simplicity and humility values. The link with nature is also very important. 


After this introduction, participants were debating about this notion in social media. What is your favorite social media ? Do you think that social media and stoicism are compatible ? And more questions…


The second part of this event was about war and peace topics. 

Volunteers were presenting two symbols of peace : Gandhi and Mandela. The first organized no-violence protests to defend Indian rights and the second built a nation with black and white unity people after the segregation regime. 


Volunteers were reciting beautiful Spanish, French and English poems about peace and war. 


At the end, Dimitri and Luna, our musicians, were playing touching music (Imagine by John Lennon,...). 


See you for next events this Saturday !! wink






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