If you want to know how to have a lot of fun like our volunteers in Serbia, our neighbour country, just continue reading.

Day 1: Our trip started theoretically going from Vukovar to Novi Sad on a supposedly direct bus that we had seen on the bus timetables on the internet, but... to our surprise when we arrived at the station there were no buses to Novi Sad for the next 3 days. Then we decided to take a bus to Sid, wait there 4 hours and then take another bus to Novi Sad finally. To be honest, sounds bad but we had a lot of fun, and we were laughing for almost 5 hours in a row. We arrived at 8 pm at Novi Sad and of course, the best thing was to go for a beer with the friends that we met there.

Day 2: Visit Novi Sad hangover is not the best thing but, come on, life is like this. We spend the whole day walking and eating really good, so we can not complain that much. We went to Belgrade (the capital of Serbia) to spend the rest of our trip.

Day 3: We visit Belgrade, which from my point of view was nice but we were expecting more. Otherwise, we spend a really good time there eating like kings and not spending that much money (one of the best things from Serbia, it´s really cheap). Hang out in Belgrade is as funny as cheap because you can find everything that you want, so as you can imagine, we had a lot of fun.

Day 4: This day was supposedly our last day of the trip, but guess what? We didn´t have a bus AGAIN to return to Vukovar, neither to Osijek, Vinkovci etc. So why not improvise another night in Novi Sad? That´s what we did, we spend our last day in Serbia again in Novi Sad, which we were very, very happy about.

Day 5: Finally we return to our lovely city Vukovar after 5 crazy days in the neighbour country.




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