PLACE: Trg Dražena Petrovića 2 (Borovo naselje, ispred bazena)

IGRA NA DAR is a secondhand market that we are planning to do on the 26.03 (Saturday) that consist of exchanging clothes between everyone to give another use to the clothes that we are not using anymore.

This idea came to us one day that we realize how many clothes we are not using and troughing away without giving another opportunity for the people to use them. So, because of that, we are preparing this event to exchange clothes, books, board games or toys also give some of them to others.

In the event, we are going to also have a space for children with some games and toys for them to play with. During the event, we´ll have live music, snacks and a lot of fun! Also, we have an option for the people that don’t have any clothes to exchange to participate with a symbolic price (3 or 5 kunas) buying the clothes they like.

During the event, we have a surprise… a BINGO with 2 prizes!!!

So, if you want to participate you just have to contact us to collect the clothes before on:

  • Instagram: ypgd.vukovar
  • Phone: 097 774 15 61




 Voćarska 17, 32000 Vukovar, Croatia

 Tel/fax: +385 (32) 414-633