The big day has just arrived for two of our volunteers and what a coincidence that they don't only share the same exact day but also the age! So what a better excuse to organize some nice activity for them.

Since it was supposed to be a surprise, we were planning everything behind their back so they didn't notice that something was about to happen. So when the big day arrived and everything was already planned, we just told them that we were all meeting on the usual place like we do everyday. However, the surprise was that when they got to the place at the arranged time, there was nothing there but some baloons, and that was the exact moment when they realized that they had been tricked. The first game was about to start: Madalena and Clara, from Portugal and France respectively, prepared a game where Jules and Emilia had to break the baloons without using their hands so they had to make use of all the other parts of the body.

Once they performed the task, they had to go to another spot of the city so two other volunteers, Enara and Nil, both from Spain, were waiting for them to arrive. They had prepared and obstacle race were the birthday guys had to manage to cross it with the shoes tied between them and carrying a fresh egg on a spoon that they were helding it on their mouth. After some struggle, they eventually managed to do it so they were sent to the next spot. So far, they were so astonished that they didn't know what to expect from the rest of the day, it was a complete surprise for them. However, they were willing to find it out so they just continued with the clue they were given to reach the next stop.
They arrived to Olajnica igralište where Hugo and Menna, from Germany and Egypt, had prepared a water fight. They split into two groups so the only goal of the game was to soak the other team as much as possible. By this point, Jules and Emilia already gave up on arriving home in propper conditions.
The next place they were sent to, was in the volleyball field. Miha from Italy, Rashed from Jordan and Luka from Vukovar were standing in the field with a volleyball. The task consisted on singing the happybirthday song while they were doing touches with the ball without it falling to the floor. Since the volleyball was not their strongest point, it took quite a long time on completing the task. However, after some struggle, they eventually managed it and were sent to ther last spot, where the game of treasure hunt would finnish: the YPGD organization.
By the time they arrived to the meeting point, we were all waiting for them. The last but not least game consisted on seeking for some sweets with their face in a bucket of water first and in a bucket of flour after, so they end up completly dirty. Since they were all soaked, they didn't really complain about this game so they faced it (quite literally) with humor. Finally, when they thought that the game was over, we just grabed some water ballons and attacked them to end up with a slight touch of freshness.

After all this suffering, they finnaly obtained the reward and blew the candles and eat a piece of cake, so it compensated everything that they went through this day. We ended up the evening with some music and party environment, but even though this was nice, the best thing is that they enjoyed their birthday in a way they would never imagine.



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