May 8th, a team of the Spanish television arrived in Vukovar to record a documentary that will be released on June 16th for the 30-year anniversary of the war.

TVE or Spanish television is one of the most important television channels in Spain. It began its regular activity on October 28th, 1956, with the start of broadcasts of its first chain.
Until January 1st, 2007, it was one of the public limited companies that made up the Public Entity Radiotelevisión Española.

TVE is the flagship of the largest audiovisual group in Spain. It is present with its broadcasts on the five continents via satellite and through the main cable operators in Europe, America and Asia.

The Spanish journalist Anna Boch and her team composed of 3 other members: Mikel Marín, Nacho Villanueva and Susana Jiménez plus Ivana, their interpreter spent a whole week recording and interviewing both locals and volunteers in the city.


Before their arrival in the city, they contacted YPGD to gather information and in that moment, they discovered that two Spaniards volunteers were there, so they asked for my phone number and Saúl's with the intention of interviewing us.
Later we told him about Ignaci, another Spanish volunteer in Proni.

On Tuesday 11th Anna interviewed Saúl, Ignaci and me. She was interested in knowing our perception about the youth in Vukovar, what we had learned and so on.


At first, we are a little nervous, but it was not so bad. We had a normal chat between friends, and we forgot that the cameras recorded us.
Later on, they also interviewed several of our colleagues like Katarina Bosnjak, Milan Balać, Luka Bogojević ...
Katarina another day was recorded playing the tambourine, a Slavonian’s instrument.


On Thursday evening they filmed Ignaci’s Spanish class and at the end of the week they came with us to the Strukovna Skola Marka Babica secondary school in Borovo Naselje, Vukovar.
They filmed our volunteer actions there and interviewed with the director Rudolf Tomić, whose speech and experience moved the journalist.