The night when Nil got the chance to spread his talent to the world.

The story of this concert begins on the 2nd of July when we all went to VInkovci to see the concert of the Trag Band in Hang Loose Bar, where our friends played. This night Nil, our volunteer from Spain, was encouraged by the rest of the group to ask for a chance to play his own music. So without hesitating anymore, he headed the bar owner and made his wish of playing there. They gave him the chance of playing on the 15th of July at 8pm. 

Nil went through a lot of struggle during the preparation of the concert. He had to manage to get all the material he needed, such as a capo, picks and a proper guitar. He even broke a string the day before the concert, so it was not an easy journey at all. 

Moreover, he wanted to write a song for this concert, which represented the experience he was living in Croatia. 

Finally he managed to get all the needed material and the concert happened as it was planned. 

All the other volunteers came to the concert and supported him. That was a huge injection of energy for him, and the concert was a success. Everyone has a lot of fun. 

One of the great moments of the concert was when Dimitri (the singer of Trag), came up to the stage to sing the song “Don’t worry be happy” together with Nil. 

The songs played in the concert were different, some covers (Spanish and English ones) and some of his own songs, including the one about Vukovar. 

Nil described his feelings about the concert like “ It was an amazing experience to play out of my country. It was hard to play without my band, but the support of the other volunteers was incredible and it helped me a lot. It was probably one of my best concerts in life.”




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