Who we are?

YPGD is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, which promotes civil and democratic society based on a culture of non-violence, tolerance, and respect for human rights.

Our Vision

YPGD - MGM “Dunav” is an important contributor to stability and development of the South-East region of Europe.

Our Goals

The goal of the organization is to promote work of the youth and emancipation of individualism and personal liberties.

President: Saša Bjelanović
Executive Board:

  • Saša Bjelanović
  • Martina Uglik
  • Ana Bučko
  • Saša Kunić
  • Siniša Stanivuk

Address: Voćarska 17,
32000 Vukovar, Croatia
Tel./fax.: +385 (0)32 414-633
Web: www.ypgd.org
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
OIB: 21548040773
IBAN: HR1523600001101603395



  • concerts
  • music workshops
  • theatre
  • visual arts workshops
  • video/photo factory
  • artistic dancing
  • comic book workshops
  • exhibits
  • bulletins/fanzines


  • European Integration promotional campaigns
  • European Voluntary Service
  • Cross-border cooperation campaigns (programs and initiatives between NGO's of our neighbouring countries)


  • Volunteer camps program
  • Promotion of volunteerism and activism in the community
  • National and international volunteer exchanges
  • Youth Mobility


  • Youth club
  • Music studio ("Fruity st. Studio")
  • “Info desk” (Youth Service)
  • Computer course
  • Foreign language courses
  • Info on self-employment
  • LEGO® Robotics
  • Education and logistics for youth NGO’s and youth groups
  • Counselling


Organization YPGD - MGM "Dunav" - has a team of 12 active members and 8 volunteers.

Some of the skills of YPGD team - office administrators (collecting and archiving information and documents); fundraisers (writing project proposals, lobbying, reporting about projects and progress of YPGD); public relations (contact with local authorities, media, community etc.); volunteer managers; office managers; book keepers, leaders of the art workshops and events; web masters; educational - workshops and trainings (team work, communications, human rights, group leading, activism and volunteerism etc.); leaders of different events such us concerts, party’s, exhibition’s etc.; different organizational skills etc.

About us...

The organisation existing since September 1996 and it was established during the UNTAES mission in eastern Croatia. After the UN mission, the YPGD was officially registered in Croatia in February 1998.

YPGD from its very beginning, working with volunteers both local and international and during the years we hosted more than 250 volunteers through volunteers’ camps, voluntary actions and volunteers’ exchanges. Within the “Youth in Action” programme we hosted more than 30 volunteers and sent 9 in last 6 years, we implemented trainings and participated as partners in numerous of trainings for youth. In our work we had cooperated with many regional and international organizations and we continuously keeping the contacts with many of them.

During the years we had been organizing different trainings and seminars, international and national involving number of young people. Through our Youth club we had organized number of activities for groups of young people (international working and voluntary camps, exchanges and study visits at local, regional and international level, trainings, creative workshops, workshops for unemployed people gaining CEFE entrepreneurial skills, ECDL and foreign languages courses; workshops related to culture and art - photography, music workshops, digital drawing, comic books, origami, graffiti, DJ workshops and dance workshops, education of Roma teaching assistants and extracurricular activities, workshops for children and youth, eco workshops, LEGO® workshops, robotics, LAN party, social nights - movie nights, social games nights, philosophy nights, table football and table tennis, organization and implementation of workshops for children and youth in City library and primary school “Nikola Andric” in Vukovar, music studio for young musicians to play and record, publishing fanzine and youth magazine “Ševa”, radio show, lectures in schools, promotion of voluntarism and mobility, help to elder people, organising concerts and festivals, education of teachers in Romology, jam sessions, Street arts, zamlade.net web portal, strengthening NGO capacities and youth in region through international development aid.

It is necessary to emphasize that YPGD in past 20 years had been funded by several international and national donors and foundations that gave us the opportunity to partly continue and maintain the continuance of our work.

Some of the implemented projects and activities financed by our donors are: "Civic Education and Youth Council", Seminar School tolerance; English and German language workshops; Summer camp Underground 2005; thanks to a youth organization in Denmark, "Next Stop Denmark" and logistical support of YPGD in Vukovar from 24.07. - 07.08.2005. were about 50 students from various countries from Europe, Africa, Asia and America. Through creative activities and intensive classes, they finished the course with four topics: "Nationalism and the role of intellectuals", "Eco-activism", "Youth Unemployment" and "Revolutionary Movements". We also had: civic education for students of secondary schools in the city of Vukovar, project Art Connected II and III. In 2007 we have implemented the CARDS regional project-training for unemployed returnees, displaced persons and refugees.

Project "Hopscotch for us" - the empowerment of Roma children and socially vulnerable families - donors were Croatian Ministry of Family Affairs, War Veterans and Intergenerational Solidarity and Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports; "ECDL Training for the Unemployed" under the PHARE 2006 with VIMIO as partner; Project "Grow Together" for the Roma population; YPGD Youth Club activities that we’re carried out continuously for 18 years funded by Die Schwelle Foundation, Ministry of Family Affairs, War Veterans and Intergenerational Solidarity and Vukovar-Sirmium County; summer work camp for young people and European Voluntary Service project “Dunavijada”  2009, “Progressed” financed by the Unicredit Foundation Italy in 2010, project “Connected” in 2011, EVS in Vukovar 2012, "Volunteer Sinergy 2.0" - 2012; “Cooltura” 2013, “Linked in Youth Work” - 2013, “Summer Art” -2013; “Interculturality” -  2014, “No Hate Online - No Hate Offline” - 2014; “Home Visit”- 2014/2015.



  • Existence for over 20 years;
  • More then 200 successful realized projects;
  • More then 2300 successful realized activities;
  • More than 500,000 EUR gathered for projects;
  • More than 150 active members;
  • More than 800 volunteers;
  • More than 20,000 citizens (directly or indirectly) involved in projects;
  • More than 30 successfully realized volunteer’s exchanges through Exchange Programs;
  • We are one of the SEEYN (South East European Youth Network) founders and member of WBYSD (Western Balkan Youth Student Democracy Initiative);
  • We are EVS send/host organization;
  • More than 200 friendly and partners’ organizations;
  • One of the creators of National and County Youth Action Program policy;
  • In 2001 the Croatian Government recognized our work, for the promotion and developing of volunteerism in Croatia;
  • In 2011 the European Commision has nominate the YPGD for a European Voluntary Service Award in the category Inclusive.



  • Educational programs for approximately 300 visitors a year;
  • Created place in Vukovar where students will be able to spend time and learn through theoretical and practical workshops.

Target Group:

  • International society - organizations, student groups and interested persons in spending time and gaining new experiences in Vukovar - for example students of politic sciences, sociology, post-conflict studies, Slavic languages, culture and art (for now there is interest from Australian, Netherlands, American and German student groups).




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