In recent years Spain has been plunged into a deep economic crisis, which has left sequels such as the difficulty to find work, inflation of prices in the market, or a significant decline in pensions. What is the sector that most affected this crisis? Among others, the youth and pensioner sector. What does this mean?

This means that it has been a difficult time for both the young and the elderly. For young people, the lack of decent work and the impossibility of becoming independent. For the elderly, the worry of “not reaching the end of the month” due to the notable decrease in pensions.

But currently, things have improved and now the Spanish economic situation is going through a good stage. Now Spain is a country full of possibilities. Especially, for young people, this new stage in the Spanish economy represents a stage of change and prosperity. Now is the time to succeed and live the life you have always dreamed of.
As expected, the big cities are the ones offering the most jobs: Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia or Bilbao, among others. The service sector is the most important. Working in front of the public is always a good option and more in large cities such as those mentioned above, since they are popular tourist destinations.
According to recent studies, the sectors with the greatest demand for workers in Spain are, among others, IT sector new technologies (programmers, mobile application designers, project manager or database administrator).
Another sector where good employment opportunities are offered, is, as I said before, the service sector; tourism and leisure. As essential requirements to fill jobs in this sector, will, of course, knowledge of languages, the ability to work in teams, involvement and different communication skills. In this field the most outstanding works are, lifeguards, waiters, travel agents, free time monitors or dependents, among others.  

But not only are there possibilities in terms of work. Spain is also an attractive country to study, if you are a university student, you have to know that in Spain we have an excellent public education, and university life in large cities is simply incredible.

In general many opportunities are offered to young people in Spain, if you want to create a company, you will be given help, if you want to study, you will be provided all the necessary information, apart from that if you are a student in Spain you will enjoy many discounts, if you want to work , you will have to look for a good offer and be qualified for the position, but it is simple and you should not lose hope.