Project name: Art Exchange

Project number: 2019-2-HR01-KA105-061115

Duration activities: 05.12.2019.- 13.12.2019.

Financial support: EU/AMPEU /Erasmus + ( 21.650 euros) and City of Vukovar ( 11.000,00 HRK)

About project:

Youth exchange will be held in Vukovar, Croatia, from 05.12.-13.12.2019. for the group of 36 participants ( 30 participants and 6 leaders of the gorups), from 18-30 years old. Aim is to discuss together about the possible solutions of the conflict and to express peaceful ideas through creative and artworks, which will be created during the project. In order to accomplish the goal, youth from 6 countries ( Moldova, Turkey, Croatia, Georgia, Greece, Spain)- will cooperate in small art projects, will build trust, capabilities and skills for intercultural dialogue, social inclusion, democratic life, which is based on peace building for different views, opinions, stands and ways of expressions. Promoting peace, dialogue and mutual comprehension through cultural, religious and ethnic diversity among youth from different countries, will be accomplished on every planned session through organisation of the activities in youth exchange. Activities within the exchange will be held through workshops, ideas interchange, dialogue, creative work, group work, playing rolls -non formaln and informal learning.

Through this project 36 young people from 6 countries will have the opportunity through youth exchange will implement the activities together, which will result:
a) expanding the idea of peace and creating peaceful dialogue through promotion of peace through art
b) increasing skills and trust of the participants on expressing positives ideas and attitudes
c) increasing capacities of partnership organizations for planning and implementing international projects of youth
d) promoting youth to be active citizenship and encourage them to volunteer and to gain works experience
Project will have impact on multiple levels in order:
-impact on the participants ( 36 youth) which will participate in this exchange, will be the most relevant because they will gain new skills, develop new competences; with interaciton in intercultural context, experience different framework for studying, impact will be sustainable because on the return they will be empowered to implement new different activities in their local communities enriched with the new experience. Participants will also break some prejudices and gain contacts from youth from other cultures by studying together.
-impact on the organizations- strengthening of the work capacities on peace building through art and culture, exchange of the knowledge and skills
-impact on the communities- an example of active youth engagement on peace building, tolerance, respect, and spreading peace messages.