altMirovna grupa mladih Dunav Vas poziva na večer crno bijelog filma dana 21.veljače 2013. s početkom u 19 h!!!!!

My major intention to start cinema evenings at YPGD served two goals. The first one was kind of egocentric: I wanted to have wider knowledge about the movies, which are considered milestones in film history. There were names of actors, movie titles swirling around in my memory without any logical order and I wanted to organize this chaos a little bit. On the other hand I wished to make possible for every interested person to join me on my journey across film historical ages. In our evenings we have already started our travel in 1920 with German expressionism and Thursday by Thursday we are moving forward in time. On our journey we try to focus on European movies, but will make few insights into the contemporary transatlantic cinemas. For all movie I prepare a brief description and after the projection is always leave place for a discussion about the actual work.

Everybody is warmly welcome each Thursday at 19:00 at YPGD (Voćarska 17, Vukovar) to our handful of cinema freak team.



Voćarska 17

32000 Vukovar, Croatia

Tel/fax: +385 (32) 414-633