Tamuna Gulisashvili piše nam o svom volonterskom iskustvu tijekom ljeta 2018. u Vukovaru.

The best things in life happen suddenly, when you are not waiting for something special. And the project Summer Games 2018 has been a really amazing part of my life. When I heard that I should be a participant of this project, at first I was confused because it was new challenge and new opportunity for me to find new skills, new knowledge, new friends, new experience and also discover myself.

I left all my fears in Georgia and came in Vukovar, city which is really quiet, small, but full of adventures.

At my first day, when I arrived in Vukovar I was first volunteer from my project and I could not wait for the other volunteers, especially my roommates because I had to live with them during 2 months. I am really lucky because they are incredibly good people. We were 5 in our flat and there were 5 different traditions, 5 different good mornings and good nights, 5 different laughs, 5 different dishes, 5 different hugs and helping hands.

First days we had some activities, basically trainings which were really interesting and enjoyable for me. And then we started activities with children in the youth peace group danube's youth club and then in Ada Island, which was small paradise in Vukovar for us. Activities were really funny and joyful. we all tried to make fun activities for kids. I think we had capacity and skills to make this.

All fridays we had intercultural evenings about our countries. We made some presentations about our traditions, our values, our histories and also we cooked some delicious meals from our countries. Georgian night was really unforgottable for me, there were many emotions from foreigners , many thanks, many clapping , many good wishes.

And I will never forget our balkan journey. We had holidays for 9 days and we decided that our journey should be so crazy and enjoyable as much as we could to do this. We forgot hostels, beds, bathrooms and we decided to use hammock for sleeping and the sea and rivers for a shower. It was really crazy decision but we were 9 and we knew that we would be survived together. We saw 3 countries, many coast city of Croatia and they are totally impressive and amazing places. During these 9 days we met so kind and helpful people, who made our trip more pleasant and unforgottable.

I think this 2 months is important part of my life, because now I have bigger experience, many friends from different countries and many great memories with them.