Tamuna Gulisashvili piše nam o svom volonterskom iskustvu tijekom ljeta 2018. u Vukovaru.

Volunterka  Megija Purina dijeli svoja iskustva volontiranja na projektu Summer games 2018.

Virjona Zana is writing piše nam o svojim avanturama s projekta Summer games 2018.

Italy, one of the most fascinating and charming countries of the world, the cradle of Roman civilization, the place where Dante composed his verses and Michelangelo painted the Sixtine Chapel, the nation where the Tiber flows, right next to the Colosseum, and the amazing fragrance of pizza can fill the heart of a Neapolitan ‘uaglio’…Italia. Just the way it sounds... “Italia”, is astonishing.

In recent years Spain has been plunged into a deep economic crisis, which has left sequels such as the difficulty to find work, inflation of prices in the market, or a significant decline in pensions. What is the sector that most affected this crisis? Among others, the youth and pensioner sector. What does this mean?