Naziv projekta: Zajedno aktivni

Broj projekta: 2017 – 2 - HR01 - KA105-035530
Financijska potpora: Europska unija/Agencija za mobilnost i programe EU/program Erasmus +

Trajanje projekta: 01.08.2017.- 31.10.2018.

Iznos dodijeljene potpore: 35.945,00 €


Vicolocorto; Italija -

Genclik Turizmi Dernegi; Turska -

Centre d’information et de documentation jeunesse - Francuska, -


About project:
Projekt „Active together“ aim is to enable development and gaining new knowledge, skills and competencies of young volunteers by helping elderly and disabled people and people with disabilities in Vukovar and activities for young people and ensure better social life of the elderly and in same time improve social inclusion of elderly people , raising awareness of the immediate and wider surrounding and in particular the young people of the needs for social inclusion, tolerance, and to provide direct assistance to elderly and disabled people and people with disabilities.

The idea is to socially include elderly people from Vukovar with young people by organizing various activities for elderly people, that would be implemented by young people and thereby promote intergenerational solidarity. It is very important to encourage young people to be more socially conscious and socially involved through various forms of assistance to elderly and disabled people, to encourage volunteering, eg through participation in the work with the elderly, through social activities and thus through volunteering develop the skills necessary for the labor market of young people (responsibility, accuracy, sensitivity, communication skills, entrepreneurial spirit, develop a sense of value), which would have impact on the volunteers as well as on partner organizations to implement similar projects in their communities, or include volunteers in follow up activities after return or some other way and to ensure the competences for 6 volunteers from each country.

Main activities: House assistance for the elderly and disabled, Social activities for the elderly and persons with disabilities; Social activities for young people; Promotion of opportunities for young people - Participation in organizing the events and promotional activities for young people; Intercultural evenings; Personal EVS project- every EVS volunteer within their volunteer service will develop their own project in order to gain competences to be able to conduct activities, develop creativity and leadership skills. EVS volunteers in the implementation of these activities would have help from staff and local volunteers, and mentors to monitor and assist in the learning process; The project would: improve the quality of life of elderly people and people with disabilities, and young people in Vukovar; strengthen social cohesion in the community, improve the knowledge and skills of young people to work with the target group, Increase creativity; Higher awareness of young people about the opportunities for young people - education, exchanges, training, camping, volunteering - Through implemented creative workshops and workshops strengthened competencies and knowledge and experience of young people; Prevented social exclusion and marginalization of elderly, powerless, disabled and young and given contribution to intergenerational solidarity.

At local level, project would have impact on beneficiaries themselves – elderly and powerless people, children and youth from local community as activities would be implemented at local level. Project would have impact on higher inclusion of youth from local community as EVS volunteers would be good example to young people from local community while working on intergenerational solidarity. Regional and national impact would be accomplished through visibility of project activities and promotion on social networks. European influence would be achieved by promotion of project and visibility through partnerships with organisations from: Spain, France, Turkey, Italy and Croatia as project leader.