Naziv projekta: Be tolerant

Financijska potpora: Europska unija/Agencija za mobilnost i programe EU/program Erasmus +

Iznos dodjeljene potpore: 19.380,00 €

Razdoblje provedbe: 01.08.2015.- 1.2.2016.

Partneri: Student-Youth Council -  Gruzija


Fundacja Dobrych Inicjatyw -  Poljska

Associação Spin para o Intercâmbio, Formação e Cooperação entre os Povos -  Portugal

Today Art Initiative - Armenija

O projektu:

“Be Tolerant” is an international cultural exchange project taking place in Ureki (Georgia), where youth of Georgia, Poland, Turkey, Croatia, Armenia and Portugal hosted by “Student-Youth Council” organization meet to discuss cultural differences, regional traditions, stereotypes and use this knowledge to spread for their society. They will be trained on the following topics: democracy values and mutual understanding; Respect differences, break stereotypes and create network; During 10 days 36 young people from 6 countries will work in 2 international teams: video reportage and street theater performance. The main topic of this workshop will be to promote tolerance and the respect.
They will jointly prepare the scenario for the theater play in the subject of local traditions of family life. Through theater and music, which express traditions and roots of particular region, but also contemporary trends the project aims to raise awareness of young people that "cultural differences" and "intercultural dialogue" are not abstract concepts but events in which they participate and benefit from and may use them to develop their local community. Using their own talents, skills and creativity together they need to find a common point between Europe and the Caucasus. Traditions of the important moments of the family life (birth, wedding, funeral etc.) exist in every culture; though the celebrations differ themselves, the need to celebrate these important moments and to share this experience with the rest of the community is something that unites showing common routs of different cultures or nations. The multilingualism of the play is an essential point: actors will use their native language, for their better self-expression and breaking intercultural stereotypes. The play will be shown to Georgian local community of Ureki and Ozurgeti. Additionally participants will show the recorded performance back in their home countries to their local community.
Our aim is to promote tolerance, respect, and mutual understanding through cultural, religion, ethnic diversity between youth from different countries.
Youth Exchange will help young people to see how much perspective is an engagement and developing their own interests standing in front of them. A life offers to the youngsters many opportunities for activity and fulfillment, to make their lives more colorful and valuable, with positive consequences not only for them, but also for the community, by increasing the participation of young people in civic life.
The project aims to raise awareness of young people from deprived areas that "the life does not have a time to be boring"; there are many interesting ways for the action.