Italy, one of the most fascinating and charming countries of the world, the cradle of Roman civilization, the place where Dante composed his verses and Michelangelo painted the Sixtine Chapel, the nation where the Tiber flows, right next to the Colosseum, and the amazing fragrance of pizza can fill the heart of a Neapolitan ‘uaglio’…Italia. Just the way it sounds... “Italia”, is astonishing.

Yet, not everything about Italy, as it is always in life, is so astonishing.  
I will not talk about the stereotyped problems everybody thinks of when it comes to this country like mafia, corruption and North-South divide even if, to some extent, they are part of the issue I am about to address.

From 20th to 30th of September, we organize a youth exchange ‘Art Tolerant” in YPGD with 35 participants from 7 different countries (Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Poland and Croatia). Youth exchange allows groups of young people to meet, live together and work on shared projects for short period. This is the opportunity for these youth to learn about another culture and share their own in positive and fun atmosphere through non formal activities.

In recent years Spain has been plunged into a deep economic crisis, which has left sequels such as the difficulty to find work, inflation of prices in the market, or a significant decline in pensions. What is the sector that most affected this crisis? Among others, the youth and pensioner sector. What does this mean?

This means that it has been a difficult time for both the young and the elderly. For young people, the lack of decent work and the impossibility of becoming independent. For the elderly, the worry of “not reaching the end of the month” due to the notable decrease in pensions.

 Hi everyone, my name is Sarah, I’m a volunteer from France and I stay in Vukovar for six month, until September for an EVS. Now, it’s not the time to explain what is EVS, but in one way, you’ll see what kind activity we can do.


Bok prijatelji,

today I´m two month in Vukovar and it is my last day here. Maybe you ask yourself now: "VukoWHAT? Why? And what did Robin do there?"
Here are the answers to the questions you have:
Vukovar is a small town in Croatia. It is right at the river Danube and the border to Serbia. I could tell you now about the tragic history, that it got totally destroyed during the Balkan wars.
But I won´t.